With For About 2020 – short video provocations

20 May to 17 June 2020

Heart of Glass, with curation by the vacuum cleaner in collaboration with Cecilia Wee and in partnership with Live Art Development Agency (UK), Create Ireland and Gessnerallee (Switzerland).


What creative solutions have marginalised people developed to survive before Covid-19?

What creative ways of being and organising are being made now in response to Covid-19?

How do we embed and share  these solutions, ways of being and organising now and into the future? 

In these fast moving times we need to move both swiftly and slowly. That’s why for this year’s annual Heart of Glass conference we have adapted our intended plans. Working with artist and mental health activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’, curator and agitator Cecilia Wee and a stellar line up of international artists, activists and academics, With For About 2020 creates a vital, slow and complex space between art, activism, care and social practice in response to COVID-19.

It wilfully asks –  in facing this crisis, another ten years of austerity, ecological collapse, harsher borders, more racism and deeper ableism within deeply divided societies – how can artists, activists and organisations make vital change within our communities and beyond?  


With For About 2020 will happen over 5 weeks, lasting one hour each week.


With For About 2020 will feature short video provocations, sharings of practice and projects and discussion of various responses by artists and activists, all streamed into your home. It has intentionally been designed to work around the shifting nature of these times – allowing for work care, fluctuating schedules and new contributors to be added. 


Themes will be mixed together to allow a truly intersectional understanding of CARE WORK, CLASS, COLONIALISM, DISABILITY, ECOLOGY, FEMINISM, LAW, MENTAL HEALTH, MIGRATION, MUTUAL AID, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISING, LGBTQ+, RACISM, SOCIAL PRACTICE, SURVEILLANCE  – all under the framework of Justice and Rights based approaches.

Each week of provocations will have space for ‘in the moment’ responses and be followed by a space for viewers to respond in an attempt to share and build on ways of doing, organising and making that resonate across communities and locations. We aim to create a radical response to WTF is happening, and confront the increasingly distressing reality so many communities continue to face. 


The event will try to be as accessible as possible, though we acknowledge this will be challenging with the technology and resources available. Please communicate with us about your access requirements, however you define access. Whether that is around disability, white spaces, money, access to the internet, child care, institutional transphobia or other forms of exclusion. We are not perfect, and want to do better.

Click here to read our Safer Spaces Policy.

Call for artistic/academic/activist contributors

What we are looking for:

We are looking for existing practice/projects, live projects or folx that are thinking and making the future that respond to the outline above, from anywhere in the world. We are very keen to hear about things we won’t have heard about, the unchampioned, undiscovered and low-key. Projects and practice from marginalised people that are urgent, honest, tender and vital. 

How to share with us:

Send us a link to a website or video and 100 word description that shares what you do and a contact email. We can check out what you are doing. If our curation team dig it, we will contact you to see if there is a way you can participate. 

Please email your submission and any queries to: criticality@heartofglass.org.uk

(We will only be able to reply to those we think fit into this call out.)

The Money:

We are asking for short films, interviews or descriptions directly to camera for which we are paying £300. We would suggest your contribution to take about a day to complete. It can be rough around the edges, from the heart is more important than super polished. 

We are super keen to hear from places where COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact. For example, but not limited to:

China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Iran, USA, Indonesia, India, Palestine, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Russia

Rolling deadline from now until June 8th.

Open Call – The Embassy of Foreign Artists

This year the open call for 2021 is launched on 15 April 2020 and will close on 1st of June 2020. 

The Embassy of Foreign Artists is launching calls for themed projects, open to all types of practice. These reflect our areas of interest and our aim to offer research time and visibility to original projects that examine their subject critically.


– 3 months from 1st January to 31th March 2021

– 3 months from 1st April to 30th June 2021

– 3 months from 1st July to 30th September 2021

– 3 months from 1st October to 31th December 2021

– 6 months from 1st January to 30th June 2021

– 6 months from 1st July to 31th December 2021


The open call is addressed to all professional artists coming from following artistic fields: performing arts, visual arts and applied arts (fine arts, dance, theatre, music, literature, comics, cinema, etc.). Cultural practitioners, active in the research of contemporary cultural practices, such as curators, play writers, set designer or from other fields and applied disciplines (architecture, design) are also invited to apply.

Details: https://www.eofa.ch/en/applications-on/

Granturi – fotografie documentară

5 granturi pentru proiecte de fotografie documentară adresate tinerilor sub 30 de ani din România și din Republica Moldova

Cerințe: un portofoliu compus din 10 imagini, fie singulare, fie serie, in format pdf. O scurtă prezentare, de câteva rânduri, a voastră și o descriere a ideii pe care vreți s-o dezvoltați cu ajutorul grantului CdFD.
Trimiteți cele două fișiere la granturi.cdfd@gmail.com

Tematica rămâne la alegerea fiecăruia iar fotografia trebuie să fie principalul mediu de documentare (acceptăm și propuneri multimedia)

Deadline: 31 Mai 2020, ora 24:00

Call pentru artiști HomeFest 2020

Suntem toți într-o numărătoare inversă până pe 15 mai așa că am decis să ușurăm ultimele zile de așteptare și să le colorăm pe primele din așa-zisa lume nouă.

HomeFest 2020 o să se întâmple între 11 și 21 mai pe – surpriză – ZOOM, dar păstrăm formatul intim cu care v-am obișnuit, adică 20 de participanți / eveniment. Mai mult, curatoriem doar jumătate de program cu acte artistice fresh, produse în izolare, iar pentru cealaltă jumătate, lansăm un call pentru artiști, a căror primăvară n-a fost tocmai ușoară. ❤️

Așadar, căutăm 5 artiști care să ni se alăture, iar cerințele sunt următoarele:

– actul artistic să se întâmple – din nou surpriză – acasă
– performance-ul să fie de maxim 30 de minute și musai conceput în această perioadă

Toate actele artistice vor fi remunerate.
Aplicațiile trebuie să conțină o descriere de câteva rânduri a spectacolului și un scurt video de 2-3 minute. Le așteptăm pe homemculture@gmail.com până pe 1 mai.

Vodafone împreună – platformă online pentru artiști independenți

Vodafone lanseaza o platforma online prin care vrea sa vina in intampinarea artistilor, mai a ales a artistilor independenti. Daca vreti sa propuneti un moment artistic, cititi detaliile din document si trimiteti un email la carina.sava@agentiadevise.ro cu detalii despre concept si ideal un link spre o filmare a unui fragment din momentul propus.


Hi there, shapers!

We are launching an official call for articles for an in-depth anthology book aiming to collect visionary proposals from as many cultures as possible.

We are aiming to gather answers that deal with the following key-questions and many more: What can we learn from this crisis? How can we foster better practices after this series of events? How may improved societies look like (with series of local, glocal and global measures? What should each field of practices learn from this kind of unforeseen situations?
How can we design more meaningful and more responsive societies?

Recommended length of the article:
One page minimum and five pages maximum.

In case there will be an overwhelming number of entries that surpass the capacity of one volume, we reserve the right to select/edit the articles (we’ll keep you in the loop).

Deadline submissions:
Early Deadline – April 30th 2020
Last Deadline – May 30th 2020

*Free Entry

Please apply here

Art + Activism against repression during the COVID-19 crisis

The Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR), through a grant from the Open Society Foundations, has set up a fund – Arctivists – to support activists and artists across the world responding to the outbreak of Covid-19 and its implications for human rights defenders, activism, and shrinking civic and political space. Paired activists and artists are able to apply for up to £3,000; it is envisaged that most grants will be for between £1,000 and £2,000.


The outbreak of Covid-19 has put a strain on governments around the world and is adversely affecting particularly vulnerable communities, activists and human rights defenders, including by further shrinking existing civic and political spaces. For example, in response to the Covid19 emergency, the Hungarian Parliament recently granted PM Viktor Orban the power to rule by decree, in a country that has already witnessed considerable restrictions on democratic spaces; in Colombia, shifting governmental priorities in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency have left rural and indigenous communities unprotected, thus facilitating the targeting of their leaders by illegal armed groups; Chinese activists who denounced the government’s approach to tackling the pandemic have been incarcerated for subversion; Algerian civil society organisations have denounced a government clampdown on anti-regime protesters taking place while the world is distracted by the pandemic. These are only some of the challenges that have resulted from the emergency framework adopted by several governments in response to the spread of Covid-19.

At the same time, the emergency has bred new responses, and forms of both local and global solidarity, that either build on existing, positive official or unofficial responses to the virus or compensate for a lack thereof. For example, media activists in Brazil, Perú, South Sudan and elsewhere are sharing public health information in their communities, in the form of comics, videos or cartoons; civil society organisations across Latin America are encouraging human rights workers to participate in therapeutic sessions where they can share their feelings through art, whether in the form of artefacts, stories or music.

Against this backdrop, and the obstacles to accessing reliable information regarding how responses to the virus are affecting civil society, synergies between activists and artists are more important than ever. For example, art in all its forms amplifies activism and facilitates conveyance of key messages and information, which may compensate for the lack or manipulation of official narratives. Where civic spaces have shrunk, art can provide an alternative venue for activists to broaden their movements and support their work despite curtailed democratic spaces. The imaginative spaces that art offers can bypass traditional barriers that governments may erect in an attempt to stymie civil society activism, for example, by conveying ambiguous or subtle messages. We recognise that the many activists are artists, and vice-versa – as such we will be flexible in how we apply these categories.


CAHR recognises that collaborative endeavours between activists and artists have the potential to provide innovative responses to the current Covid-19 emergency, whether in a reactive, therapeutic or imaginative form. We seek applications from activists and artists to address one or more of the following three objectives:

  1. Document, monitor and analyse events in real time.
  2. Reflect on wellbeing, both your own and that of your communities/ organisations.
  3. Go beyond a reactive response to imagine new, alternative futures. This futureoriented work could assess how crisis and disruption open up new possibilities for creativity and innovation, as well as for regressive and repressive measures, and/or build on positive responses to the virus itself (local and global forms of solidarity).


Activists could write a diary, make a weekly podcast, write a blog, etc. Artists could work in their chosen media, to respond to the activist’s contribution and/or to wider developments in their country/region. We are open to innovative suggestions on the nature of the collaboration between activists and artists.


Activists and artists should apply by presenting a single collaborative project proposal that does not exceed two pages in length and includes the following:

  1. A brief profile/bio of the artist(s) and activist(s) involved.
  2. A brief description of the project/programme of work, highlighting in particular how it responds to the Covid-19 emergency and its links to activism and civic/political space; which of the 3 objectives set out above it responds to; any safety, security and ethical concerns, and how these will be addressed; whether it builds on existing initiatives or is a new collaboration, and through which media/methodologies it will be carried out.
  3. The main beneficiaries and audiences of the project/programme of work and why the methodology/medium is appropriate for the local context.
  4. Details of additional sources of funding or contributions.
  5. The envisioned output(s) of the project/programme of work, for both the activist(s) and artist(s).
  6. The amount of funding you are applying for, and a brief justification for the specific amount requested in the form of a basic budget and justification of resources (subsistence/salary costs can be included). It is envisaged that most grants will be for between £1,000 and £2,000. Additional justification will be required for larger awards, up to £3,000, for example, that the application involves groups of activists and/or artists.
  7. One appendix featuring examples of artistic work can be included in the application. The appendix can be additional to the 2-page application.

While applications need to be in English, activist and artist outputs which are in part or completely in local languages are welcomed.


  1. Clear description of the link between Covid-19, and responses to the virus, on the one hand, and threats to activism and civic/political space on the other, affecting either the artists/activists making the application and/or their country.
  2. Evidence of a strong working relationship between the artist(s) and activist(s).
  3. Feasibility and relevance of the project in challenging and difficult circumstances (including consideration of safety, security and ethics).
  4. Evidence of innovation and creativity – notwithstanding point 3) above, we are willing to take risks with this fund to support work that is provocative and challenging.


The activist(s) and artist(s) are expected to provide a timeline for outputs in their application, between now and 31 December 2020. The artist(s) and activist(s) are also expected to submit a short joint report (2 pages) detailing the activities undertaken as well as all expenses incurred, by 31 January 2021. All inquiries and submissions should be directed to Piergiuseppe Parisi (piergiuseppe.parisi@york.ac.uk) and Pippa Cooper (pippa.cooper@york.ac.uk).


There is no fixed deadline for proposals – applications will be considered on a rolling basis over the coming months. We will endeavour to get back to applicants within 2 weeks. Successful proposals will be selected by a panel that will include CAHR staff and associates from a variety of backgrounds.


Copyright for the outputs remains the sole and exclusive property of the artist and the activist. Terms of reference/contracts will provide CAHR with the limited right to reproduce, publicly display, distribute and otherwise use the expected outputs in relation to CAHR’s work, and as an example of work commissioned through the Open Society Foundations’ grant. Copyright will be addressed in terms of reference/contracts developed with successful applicants.


CAHR will discuss anonymity, confidentiality and other ethical issues with artists and activists as they arise in relation to specific projects.

Competition – PRIX EUROPA


The Competition will be held in 3 media and 9 categories. In addition the PRIX EUROPA Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to the European Journalist of the Year.

Please read our Regulations for in-depth information.


TV FICTION: TV dramas with a complete storyline & episodes from TV fiction mini-series.

TV DOCUMENTARY: Television documentaries & TV Documentary series.

TV CURRENT AFFAIRS: Research programmes focusing on investigative journalism.

TV IRIS: Programmes that deal with the culturally diverse character of European societies.

RADIO FICTION: Single radio drama programmes & episodes from series.

RADIO DOCUMENTARY: Single radio documentaries & episodes from series.

RADIO CURRENT AFFAIRS: Research programmes focusing investigative journalism.

RADIO MUSIC: This category stands for innovation of programmes and concepts of communicating music to audiences.

DIGITAL MEDIA: Online Media Projects, Digital Audio Projects and Rising Stars Projects.


Please have a close look at this year’s Regulations before registering your programmes and projects.

The Submission System will open beginning of May and the deadline for submissions will be 1 July 2020.

The PRIX EUROPA regulations are issued in English. The registration of an entry for the PRIX EUROPA competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

The submission system of PRIX EUROPA 2020 will open in May 2020.

Open Call for audio-visual artists @ home residency

In the current Covid-19 pandemic with serious consequences, especially for artists and cultural workers, direct and immediate help is needed at various levels. On this occasion, the Miller-Zillmer Foundation invites you to apply for a three-month artist grant for audio and visual projects with media/digital access. The place of work is – in accordance with the situation – your own studio. The call for a grant has been set up in response to the unexpected crisis. The current exceptional situation brings artists and cultural workers not only to existential limits, but also to create new working spaces on a digital/media basis, in order to constructively counteract not only social isolation but also to contribute to global solidarity. The Miller-Zillmer Foundation is looking for three to four audio-visual artists, preferably living in different countries, who would like to work together on an artistic project across borders and make it accessible online on a regular basis. The topics should be in the field of audio visual art and social relevance. Funding includes a monthly grant of 1000€ per participant for the maximum duration of three months and an online platform for publication.

Requirements for a stipend are:

• applicants must be shown to be acutely affected by the current measures to control the Covid-19 virus in their professional activity as artists

• other public or private solidarity systems do not apply or do not apply at short notice and confirm this in writing. The following sentence must be signed separately: „I hereby confirm that in the current situation my livelihood cannot be guaranteed by relatives.”

• Applicants must declare their willingness to process and store their submitted documents/ materials in accordance with the DSGVO With this working stipend we would like to support artists who currently have no income or financial support from other sources. For this reason, applicants who already receive (or will receive) grants will not be considered.

The application for support should be submitted in writing to the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.

Please apply with:

• your CV and portfolio of your artistic work,

• an introduction video of max. three minutes

• a description of how you are actively involved in artistic conceptual work during the period in which the grant is awarded, and how you would like to present it publicly in digital/media form within an online platform of the Miller-Zillmer Foundation

The Foundation reserves the right to request further information. The decision on a grant is made by the Board. The decisions cannot be appealed. All commitments of support are voluntary. The application period begins on 08.04. and ends on 22.04.2020

More information and contact details:

Miller-Zillmer Foundation

https://miller-zillmer.foundation/ info@miller-zillmer.foundation



Starea de urgență instaurată în întreaga lume, inclusiv în România, din cauza pericolului expus de virusul COVID-19 a afectat întreaga economie, unul dintre cele mai vulnerabile domenii fiind cinematografia. Munca în echipă este o parte esențială în producția de film, care a fost extrem de afectată în ultimele două luni – toate producțiile de filme, la fel ca și marile evenimente, au fost amânate sau chiar anulate. Din acest motiv, toți liber profesioniștii care lucrau pe contracte de colaborare au rămas fără nicio sursă de venit.

ADFR vine în ajutorul artiștilor independenți din industria cinematografică, afectați de starea de urgență instituită în România pe fondul pandemiei COVID-19, lansând o sesiune de acordare a micro-granturilor #ADFRSurvival, în valoare totală de 3000 de Euro. 

Prima sesiune a microgrant-urilor #ADFRSurvival se va desfășura între lunile aprilie și mai, iar categoriile de artiști independenți vizate sunt talentele emergente (reprezentanți ai industriei cinematografice, cu vârsta cuprinsă între 23 și 35 ani, din departamentele imagine, regie, scenaristică, scenografie și costume) și actorii independenți(actori cu vârste cuprinse între 22 și 40 ani, care au avut cel puțin o colaborare în cinema, în ultimele 12 luni). Pentru fiecare categorie se vor acorda câte trei micro-granturi a câte 500 Euro fiecare.

Aplicațiile vor fi analizate de o echipă de evaluatori formată din Laura Mușat (fondator ADFR), Alexandra Safriuc (coordonator masterclass-uri ADFR & co-fondator / director artistic ShortsUP) și Iulia Popovici (critic de film & teatru / fondator Asociația Transectorială a Independenților din Cultură).

Termenul limită de depunere al aplicațiilor: 20.04.2020.

Pentru mai multe informații, citește Ghidul Aplicantului.

Video Editor ROCKSTAR

We are looking for a creative and talented Video Editor ROCKSTAR!  This person, on a long-term collaboration agreement, will take ownership of our videos across our portfolio, and be expected to plan, schedule, execute and report on their activity.

Who Are We Looking For?

 Only Apply If You Have:

 ● Ability to perform flawless video editing;

●  Ability to receive feedback and adjust editing for the best conversions;

●  Ability to co-work with the copywriter who writes the script and offer suggestions in order to get the best video structure;

● Ability to find the most suitable videos to visually enhance the script provided;

● The understanding of the principals that make a video to be viewed and apply them;

● Ability to self-manage;

● Experience in creating videos from preexisting material;

● Extremely detail oriented and organized;

● Excellent spoken and written English;

It’s an advantage if you:

● Experience in creating stunning, viral video materials;

● Prioritize the company’s work over other contracts;

● Have experience in advertising 

Extra bonus points for:

● Having a killer portfolio of your work.

 What We Bring:

● A welcoming, transparent, flexible and relaxed work environment;

● An opportunity to join a FANTASTIC team;

● A fast-growing organization with great opportunities for high performers;

● Competitive salary package (with performance bonuses);

● Beautiful office space in Alba Iulia square;                               

● Mac or PC? You decide;

● Our insurance offers full private medical (Sanador, Regina Maria etc.);

● Career development opportunities;

● Opportunities to be involved in new and innovative projects;

About Us

Stone Force Media is a performance marketing firm based in Bucharest.  We specialize in audience acquisition and monetization.  We strive to build unique customer experiences and quality products for our audiences.  Our focus is on rapid growth and fast execution.  We believe in working smart and we use our expertise to drive projects from initial concepts all the way to final implementation. We have a highly talented, dynamic team that is committed to achieving our goals.

Apply for this job here

Montaj video / Cameraman

Suntem una dintre cele mai bune echipe de productie video, recunoscuti international, intr-un domeniu in continua expansiune.

Vei avea ocazia sa vezi cum lucreaza o echipa formata din director de imagine (videograf) si editor. Pornind de la filmare, montaj si pana la exportul final.

Ce vei invata?

-Analiza unei locatii de filmare
-Cum luminezi actorul
-Cum luminezi locatia
-Miscarile de camera
-Posing (pentru modele)
-editare (montaj) in Premiere Pro
-montaj pe piesa
-taierea unui fragment muzical pentru a se potrivi cu durata clipului
-corectie de culoare
-colorizare (basic)
-alegerea celor mai bune cadre din filmare
-setari de export ale materialului final
-organizarea folderelor

Practic, vei invata tot ce trebuie sa stii de la planificarea unei filmari pana la filmare, montaj si exportul clipului final.

Pe cine cautam?

Tanar student sau absolvent (de preferat de facultate de film) extrem de dornic sa invete lucruri noi, sa considere ca avem de invatat unii de la altii.

Ideal ar fi sa ai cunostinte atat de montaj cat si de filmare, intrucat in perioada urmatoarea vom colabora de la distanta si ne vom axa doar pe montaj/editare video.

Cum am vrea sa fii? La fel ca noi, pentru a te integra usor in echipa:

-pasionat de industria filmului
-cu simtul umorului

Daca tu consideri ca te regasesti in ce am scris mai sus, te asteptam sa ne cunoastem si promitem sa te invatam tot ce stim si, de ce nu, sa invatam de la tine! 🙂

Pentru ca vrem sa crestem echipa, ne-ar placea ca dupa perioada de internship de 1-2 luni, sa faci parte din echipa noastra si sa mergi la filmari, iar mai apoi sa fii alaturi de noi la birou.

Pentru a aplica te rugam sa ne trimiti CV  (daca ai si un portofoliu cu clipuri filmate si/sau montate de tine, cu atat mai bine). Iti multumim!

Persoanele interesate pot aplica la adresa: https://www.bestjobs.eu/ro/loc-de-munca/montaj-video-cameraman?rid=a6ac69e1-b1d8-424f-b35a-c23aec3b62cd&st=es&pos=1&list=2

OPEN CALL participanți

Teatrul Național ”Marin Sorescu” organizează o sesiune live de întrebări și răspunsuri cu reputatul regizor britanic Declan Donnellan, care va avea loc vineri / 17 aprilie, începând cu ora 18.00, pe platforma de video-conferințe Zoom.

●●Data limită pentru primirea înscrierilor este 15 aprilie 2020, ora 12.00.
*Numărul de locuri este limitat la 20.
Participanții vor fi selectați după regula ”primul venit, primul servit”
Înscrierile se vor trimite pe adresa de e-mail pr@tncms.ro.

Condiții de înscriere:
● cunoștințe solide de limbă engleză(sesiunea se va desfășura în limba engleză)
● parcurgerea în prealabil a cărții ”ACTORUL SI ȚINTA. Reguli și instrumente pentru jocul teatral ” al cărei autor este regizorului Declan Donnellan.
● finalizarea studiilor de specialitate să nu fi avut loc mai devreme de anul 2015.
● pot participa și studenți

**Candidații trebuie să transmită pe adresa de e-mail menționată următoarele informații: numele complet, titlul programului de studii pe care l-au urmat (și promoția), ori pe care îl urmează în prezent, în cazul în care sunt studenți sau masteranzi.

Micro-granturi pentru producții artistice independente

Pandemia CoVID19 a lovit din plin sectorul artistic independent din România. Credem că susținerea din punct de vedere financiar a unei categorii vulnerabile de cele mai multe ori nu este suficientă. 

Fundația, cu sprijinul partenerului său fondator – BRD Groupe Societe Generale, a creat ARTISTS ROOMS, un program de susținere a artiștilor independenți prin micro-granturi de producție și creație artistică în condiții de izolare.

Artiști independenți sau grupuri de artiști pot înscrie oferte din orice domeniu cultural sau creativ – muzică, dans, artele spectacolului, cinema, arte vizuale și new media, jurnalism cultural, literatură sau transdisciplinar cu condiția ca oferta culturală propusă să poată fi prezentată online. Încurajăm colaborarea prin mijloacele de comunicare și de producție la distanță utilizând resursele și platformele existente online.

Un artist/ un grup de artiști poate înscrie o singură ofertă culturală.

Termenul limită de depunere a proiectelor:

17 aprilie 2020, ora 12:00.

Informarea câștigătorilor:

28 aprilie 2020.

Perioada de creație: din momentul anunțării câștigătorilor, artiștii au la dispoziție între 14–30 zile pentru a transmite lucrarea în format final către Fundația9.

Termenul maxim de livrare a lucrării finale:

28 mai 2020.

Descarcă de aici regulamentul de participare.

Pentru întrebări ne puteți scrie la artistsrooms@fundatia9.ro.

Open Call for AFIELD Mentorship Programme

Every year AFIELD launches an open call for its mentorship programme to support three emerging artists and cultural practitioners engaged in a long-term social endeavour that benefits a community.

Each candidate will be required to submit an application online, through which they will be able to present their personal vision and motivation as well as the social impact of their initiative.

The three selected applicants will be granted $1500 of seed funding to develop their initiatives and will receive advice from a mentor, chosen with them within the AFIELD network composed of past fellows and advisors. Based on a participatory grant making model, applications will be evaluated by the same AFIELD network.

The mentorship is an 18 month peer-to-peer learning programme that is tailored to each individual and project. It is meant to encourage and support young initiatives in their initial development. Each mentee will be accompanied by a mentor from the AFIELD network who, through regular conversations, will provide advice and feedback. This could concern the mission, the impact, and the strategic development of the project within its specific community.

Deadline: 12 May 2020

Find all details online

Open Call for Creativate Digital Arts Festival 2020 (South Africa)

Technological connection is the new normal and we must reimagine what is ‘real’, what is ‘natural’, what is creativity. What does it mean to be human, to be aware, what does it means to produce and consume? What does it mean to be watched and tracked and be infected with malicious code? Also, always be social, always be online, live through the avatar, live your best life? What does it mean to have silence… no social media envy, no late-night pings and pokes? What of the panic of no WiFi, no connection, failed servers and fatal system crashes? What does it mean to have new tools to create and connect and make the world nearer and further through online portals and physical disconnection? How does the world change when we are able to navigate alternative realities through gaming, 3D-print new worlds and experience magic-realism and alternative realities through virtual reality?

The Creativate Digital Arts Festival, which runs during the National Arts Festival from 25 June to 5 July, is calling all artists, technologists, futurists, animators, gamers, performers and musicians to reimagine, unravel and question our new world and submit a proposal for the 2020 edition of Creativate. We want to explore the realms of theatre, dance, visual art, film, music, gaming, hacking, coding, design, robotics, virtual reality, crowdsourced inspiration, artificial intelligence and all the spaces and crevices in between.

  • Submit your proposals HERE. The deadline for entries is 15 May 2020. 

Submissions for Creativate 2020 will be considered in any one or combination of arts disciplines where the proposed work features or deploys technology as a critical component or tool for execution of the work. Successful applicants will be offered a production budget, presentation/speaker’s fee or honorarium depending on the nature of the proposal.


prelungește înscrierile până la data de 10 aprile 2020

Datorită situaței dificile prin care trecem și la solicitarea concurenților, Casa de Cultură a Studenţilor Bucureşti prelungește perioada de înscriere la Concursul Național de Fotografie pentru Tineret, ediția XXIV, până pe data de 10 aprilie 2020.

Înscrierile se pot efectua în continuare, on-line, prin intermediul adresei de e-mail paulbordas@yahoo.com, cu lucrări în cele trei secţiuni ale concursului: patrimoniu cultural, peisaj natural şi wildlife.

Pot participa la concurs fotografi cu vârste de până la 35 ani.

Toate evenimentele și activitățile complementare vor fi comunicate ulterior pe pagina www.fotogeografica.ro și www.ccs.ro .

Reamintim componența juriului pe cele trei categorii: secțiunea patrimoniu cultural: Alex Axon, Alin Popescu, Domnica Macri; secțiunea peisaj natural:
Petrişor Iordan, Dan Dinu, Cosmin Ionescu; secțiunea wildlife: Silviu Matei, Doru Panaitescu, Daniel Opaiț; președinte de onoare, Cristian Lascu.

Se vor acorda câte trei premii pentru fiecare dintre cele trei secţiuni. Acestea constau în programe şi tabere tematice (Romania Student Tour), workshop-uri în arii protejate.

Acţiunea se derulează sub egida Ministerului Tineretului şi Sportului.
Partenerii tradiţionali ai proiectului sunt: Teatrul Național „I.L. Caragiale” București, National Geographic Romania, Zitec, UNESCO Pro Natura, Facultatea de Geografie Universitatea București şi Clubul Studenţesc de Artă Fotografică.

Fotogeografica este un brand consacrat și are, până în prezent, un palmares impresionant, fiind una dintre cele mai logevive acțiuni cultural-educative din România. Este cea mai importantă manifestare la nivel naţional din domeniul concursurilor de fotografie pentru tineret, având ca tematică promovarea valorilor naturii, a culturii şi tradiţiilor româneşti. www.fotogeografica.ro
Fotogeografica s-a transformat dintr-un concurs anual de fotografie deschis tineretului, completat cu o multitudine de activități, publicații, expediții de teren și o permanentă interogație despre rolul acestui gen, într-o ”mișcare-fenomen”. Standardul a crescut an de an, iar premianții au devenit ulterior profesioniști respectați, cu trofee în competiții prestigioase internaționale, au ilustrat publicații și albume, au realizat expoziții personale de mare succes. Imaginile lor sunt nu numai un document ci și un îndemn. Patrimoniul natural și cultural este o parte importantă din identitatea noastră și o moștenire ce obligă. Manifestarea a devenit o tradiție culturală în România și un brand consacrat

OPEN CALL: OFFCITY online residency / make off-city on again

An international open call for artists, curators, philosophers and other thinkers with aim to support their creative work during a global pandemic. We also aim to collect and share different views and responses to the current situation of „switched off cities”.

We ask how to interpret the current situation – the transformation of public space, culture and life. Can we understand it as a response to our previous actions? Or maybe as an opportunity? Now, there is a certain vibration between what is near and what is remote. Mobility restrictions create both alienation and entanglement. What opportunities and barriers does virtual space produce? Has it come to its redefinition?

We are looking for ideas and projects that are willing to experiment with a form, content, virtuality and reality. We welcome a positive and inspiring prehension of a current state as well as its critical reflection. Any connection to a context of Pardubice, the city where the Offcity project mainly acts, is welcome, but not necessary.

There will be 8 selected projects (4 projects from the Czech Republic, 4 projects from abroad), which will receive a financial support of 5 000 CZK each (payment will be divided into two instalments). It is expected that an output of the residency will have an online form (text, video, sound, etc.) and it will be possible to publish it on the Offcity website www.offcity.cz.

Application deadline: April 10, 2020

Evaluation and publication of results: until 23 April 20, 2020

Estimated length of the residency: 14 days – 1 month (variability is possible by mutual agreement)

The application must contain:

  • name, location (city, state), email, telephone
  • how does the current situation affect you?; why is this open call interesting to you and how can it help you? (max 600 characters)
  • brief description of the project (possibly other documentation) (max. 1000 characters)

Please, send your application to: sarka@offcity.cz

If you have any questions, comments etc., don’t hesitate to use the same e-mail address (sarka@offcity.cz)

Call de proiecte pentru artele spectacolului – Festivalul Bucharest Fringe

Teatrul Apropo organizează un Call pentru susținerea producției de spectacole inovative, în cadrul Ediției a Zecea a Festivalului Bucharest Fringe ce se va desfășura în București între 9 și 18 Octombrie 2020.

Așteptăm propuneri artistice inovatoare din partea artiștilor tineri și consacrați, cu accent pe inter și multi-disciplinaritate, pe dialogul între diversele forme de expresie scenică și punerea în valoare a unor teme noi pentru scena performativă. Echipa de selecție va alege două proiecte câștigătoare, care vor fi susținute financiar și care vor primi spațiu de repetiție și reprezentare în cadrul Teatrului Apropo. Proiectele alese vor trebui să fie finalizate și să aibă Premiera în cea de-a Zecea Ediție a Festivalului Bucharest Fringe, urmând ca ulterior să intre în stagiunea curentă a Teatrului Apropo.

Condiții de participare: pot participa absolvenți de studii superioare și/sau cursuri de specialitate, fără limită de vârstă. Propunerea de proiect poate avea orice temă, poate circumscrie oricare arie a artelor performative (teatru, dans, multimedia, performance, instalație, muzică, fotografie și arte vizuale ș.a.) și poate propune orice tip de echipă artistică sau formulă spectaculară, dar toate proiectele vor fi supuse criteriilor de selecție ale Call-ului după cum urmează:

1. Originalitatea – măsura în care proiectul propus este inovator, multi și interdisciplinar în formă și/sau conținut. Vor fi favorizate acele proiecte care propun teme și/sau abordări noi, dar și acele proiecte care vizează interpretări sau reinterpretări originale ale unor teme sau texte clasice.

2. Debutul Artistic – vor fi preferate acele proiecte ale unor artiști aflați la început de carieră, fie că este vorba despre unul sau mai mulți dintre membrii echipei.

3. Sustenabilitatea – probabilitatea proiectului de a răspunde exigențelor mediului teatral independent pe termen mediu și lung (buget, coeziunea echipei; numărul de membri; proiecte de succes anterioare).

Condiții de participare:

1. Ne spui în linii mari ideea ta de montare și de ce ai ales textul (2-4 pagini în format word, times new roman 12, cu diacritice).

*2. Ne trimiți sinopsisul textului de spectacol, schițe de scenografie și prezentarea pe scurt a echipei.

*3. Ne faci un deviz estimativ – bugetul total estimat al producției și modul în care va fi cheltuit acesta. Bugetul recomandat este între 5.000 și 12.000 LEI.

** Toate materialele pentru înscriere le vei trimite pe adresa de mail: comunicare@teatrulapropo.ro până la data de 15 mai ora 24:00.

Calendar: perioada de înscriere: 27 martie – 15 mai

Evaluare proiecte: 15 – 20 mai

Anunț câștigători: 20 mai

Perioada de producție*: iunie – septembrie

Premieră: 9 – 18 Octombrie 2020

*Calendarul de producție se poate modifica în funcție de evoluția pandemiei și a posibilelor prelungiri ale restricțiilor.

OUR LOCKDOWN LIFE : Stand- Alone Competition (Filmaka)

How are you dealing with Social Distancing, Isolation and Lockdown?

The whole world (Almost!) is on a lockdown. Social Distancing is needed but yet we need to communicate. Why not share with your community your experience? Make upto 3 minutes video on how you or others around you are handling this lockdown . This video entry can reflect your Creativity, Humour, Music, Hobbies, Food, Family, Challenges, Positives or any emotions you may be feeling

We do not want to limit your creativity by giving you a brief.

The video can even be shot on a phone, and inside your home while you are under lock down.

Details about the competition:

  • Please use your best judgement for the length of the video.
  • Please do not use any copyright music, images or content.
  • There are no delivery items for this competition. We simply need web quality .mp4 video format files to be uploaded to the website.
  • This is a stand alone competition and is not in sequence to the Filmaka Periodic Competitions. All other Filmaka Competition Terms and Conditions apply.

This competition is open only to Filmaka Members from all countries in the world. Be creative!

Note: Please follow all safety precautions and government safety guidelines during the filming of this entry.

You can email us on info@filmaka.com for any questions.


Winners will be decided by the number of votes the entry receives from Filmaka Members
Four top Voted videos, i.e., who get the maximum no of votes, will get $100 each prize money.

Time Line:

Entries Open: 3rd April 2020
Entries Close : 17th April 2020
Voting period: 3rd April to 24th April 2020
Winners Announced: 27th April 2020

Users need to be Filmaka Members to enter this competition. Please click here to review the different tiers of membership and become a member.


The voting to this competition will start simultaneously as the entries come in and is restricted to Filmaka Members. You do not need to have submitted an entry to vote.

Voting is based on ranking them 5 stars (Best Rating) to 1 Stars (Least Rating).

Please upload your entries early to get the maximum votes.

Art.ITMO.Residency (Russia)

Art.ITMO.Residency is a space for free experimentation, open dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration between art and science. We invite you to our art laboratory to blur the boundaries between theory and practice, spark insights, and discover new meanings and aesthetic dimensions of science art.

We invite artists and scientists who are interested in fostering interdisciplinary creative, scientific, and technological dialogue to bring their projects to life together with the staff of ITMO University.

We invite artists and scientists who are interested in transdisciplinary artistic, scientific and technological dialogue. We welcome diverse interpretations, innovative concepts and ideas. Participants can create new works in a variety of forms: from installations, sculpture and video to new media and digital art. Learn more about Art.ITMO.Residency here.

All applications will be considered by an international expert board consisting of prominent Art&Science curators, artists, and scholars.

To submit your application, send an email to art@itmo.ru with the subject line “Art.ITMO.Residency : Open Call 2020” before April 15, 2020.

Please attach the following documents in your email:

  • Your filled out application form
  • CV;
  • Portfolio;

Quarantine Film Challenge

Film Submission Date: 10 April 2020
Open for Students | Amateur | Professionals
For details & Free Registration- http://miniboxoffice.com/myfilmproject

Create a short film/documentary/video only in your home using available resources, cast your family members, create selfy films etc. Strictly no outdoor shooting work allowed & follow all guidelines issued by country administration to fight COVID-19.