CASTING – figuratie „MOROMETII 3”

Se cauta barbati si femei cu varsta cuprinsa intre 18 si 80 ani, care sa participe ca figuratie in noul film de lung metraj „MOROMETII 3”.

Persoanele selectate vor avea una sau mai multe zile de filmare. Perioada de filmare: 1 Martie – 11 Aprilie

Durata filmare: 12 ore

LOCATII: Bucuresti si imprejurimi (pentru filmarile din afara Bucurestiului se va asigura transport)

REMUNERATIE-150 RON/zi – figuratie simpla- Pentru figuratie speciala renumeratia variaza in functie de personaj



  • Fara frizuri moderne
  • Fara tatuaje la vedere
  • Barba neglijenta(crescuta 3-4 zile)
  • Dispusi sa fie barbieriti


  • Fara suvite vopsite
  • Fara unghii colorate/ unghii false

CERINTE CASTING: Persoanele interesate sunt rugate sa aplice pe whatsapp la numerele 0749138179-Andrei Triculescu sau 0728423134-Andrei Dumitrescu cu urmatoarele:

  • Numele complet
  • Varsta
  • Inaltime + greutate
  • Masura la pantof
  • 2 fotografii recente(1 prim-plan + 1 plan intreg) in care sa apara singuri, fara sapca/palarie/caciula, fara ochelari de soare.
  • Datele sau perioadele cand NU sunt disponibili

Plovdiv Municipal Artists-in-Residence Program 2023

The AiR program is initiated and funded by the Culture Department of the Municipality of the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv.

The residency program aims the production of new artistic works in public space, following artists’ interactions with the city and inspired by its distinctive character. The city of Plovdiv – with its eclectic mix of ancient and medieval history, socialist heritage and modern reality, the experience it carries of a European Capital of Culture in 2019, a home to a variety of ethnic and religious groups, and an urban-nature-scape that follows a charming river and a few hills – is the central thematic focus of the programme.

Program goals:

· To realize innovative ideas in the scope of the contemporary art and culture  trends and in direct interaction with the givens of the local context and with the local communities;

· To help renew the perception of the cultural identity of Plovdiv by creating iconic works;

· To generate events and manifestations that help to develop audiences, attract tourists to the city, as well as for development, education and integration of different communities through the means of culture;

· To provide opportunities for artistic exchange and partnerships with local organizations and institutions.

The program offers a full scholarship, covering living expenses and production costs, as well as providing living-&-working space in a shared residential house – the Nishaniyan House. The house is located in the architectural and historical reserve Old Town Plovdiv placed over three of Plovdiv’s hills: Nebet Tepe, Dzhambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe, currently at the very central urban area of the city.

Program curator since 2022 is Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva – art historian, critic and curator with 20 years of experience in private and public cultural institutions in Bulgaria.

Program coordinator for CONTEXT AiR is Vanya Grozdanova – art manager and curator experienced within the diverse local independent scene.

Email for contact: ​​​​


Deadline for applications: March 20, 2023

Artistic residencies: between June 1 –  August 31, 2023

Announcement of selected artists: April 15, 2023


The program is addressing professionals working in one or a combination of the following areas:

– Visual Arts
– Theater and Performance
– Digital Media
– Architecture and Sculpture
– Music and Dance
– Land Art and Artistic Practices in Public Space
– Social Innovation and Community Projects


– The call is open to artists, preferably based in Europe, regardless of the stage of their career development.
– Artists who are Bulgarian citizens, as well as foreign citizens who currently work in Bulgaria are eligible applicants.
– The participation of groups is also allowed, but in terms of funding, it remains within the set limit, regardless of the number of members of the group.
– The program allows the participation of artists who prefer to take part in the residency in the presence of their children and/or family partners – depending on the approved residency schedule and available spaces. For this purpose, the organizers will provide – without additional fees – accommodation in the residential center. All other costs related to their stay (including transport) are not reimbursable and are borne by the approved participants. For the successful scheduling of the residency, the presence of children or partners must be noted in advance in the application.

Working language: English and Bulgarian


– The program provides conditions for a residency stay between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the specific preliminary proposal of each candidate.
– A detailed schedule for the exact dates of each artist’s stay is to be fixed after the completion of the final selection of participants.


▪ Production budget, artistic free, covering of travel costs;

▪ Living space for the resident artist;

▪ Practical guidelines for research and work;

▪ Support for the organization of a public event/s for the presentation of the new work and its promotion in local media

All of the above is free of charge for the residents and is provided by the organizers.


The residential house “Pilibos Nishaniyan” was build in mid 19th century, now an architectural monument  It is a self-contained house with a yard, located in the central area of Plovdiv – providing the opportunity for an easy pedestrian walk to all museums, the city parks, and the Kapana neighborhood famous for the urban leisure activities provided on each of its corners.

The maximum number of resident artists in the same period: 4 persons.

The living space offers suitable conditions for work and life during the artistic residency*.

–       Equipped kitchen

–       Washing machine for shared use

–       Bathroom and toilet for shared use

–       Separate bedrooms (with bed linen and towels provided)

–       Shared workspace within the living area with internet access**

–       Bikes that could be used as transportation tool around the city

When signing the contract for the residency stay, the artists will receive instructions for living in the house, given its status as a cultural monument. Failure to comply with them may result in disqualification from participation, financial penalties, etc.


* Residents are responsible for maintaining hygiene and normal living conditions in the residence area during their stay.

** Artists whose practice needs a bigger working studio and/or specific tools for the development of their concepts – should notify in advance the organizer, in order to be  supported in finding the proper tools, space, etc. for them to rent.


The organizer covers the following costs:

– BGN 2,000 – remuneration covering travel expenses, living expenses, and artistic fee
– BGN 5,000 – production costs for the realization of the creative concepts of each author. The amount is paid in two installments –  one after further development of the initial idea, and second after its realization
– The total amount of the production costs and remuneration is subject to the compulsory tax of 10% required by the Bulgarian legislation.

Detailed information about the payment of the grant:

–       The financing of the approved candidates is carried out in three installments, in cash, in Bulgarian leva.

–       1st payment – in the amount of BGN 2000. The amount is paid in the first week after the arrival of the resident artist and after the signing of the contract with the organizer and the provision by the approved participants of an originally stamped EU A1 form (proving your social security status)*

–       2nd payment (production costs) – no earlier than the second week of the creative stay after approval of: 1) creative project implementation schedule and 2) project budget detailing all costs (materials, rent, documentation, fees of third parties involved in the projects, etc.).

–       3rd payment (in the amount of up to 10% of the production costs) – after the implementation of the project.


* check more about the form here


– All other expenses, other than those mentioned above, are at the expense of the residents. This applies to the mandatory health insurance, the issuance of visas and various administrative documents related to participation in the program – before, during or after the creative stay.
– It is possible to have more than one visit to the city for research and work both from a distance and on site – based on the project proposal, but all remain within the above-listed costs and no additional funding is provided.
– We ask all applicants to get acquainted in advance with the regulations for entering the country – visa requirements, current covid-restrictions, etc.  Selected applicants will be in charge of all related costs, along with the responsibility for providing the necessary documents.


The artists approved for participation in the residency program will be selected by a jury based on:

– Preliminary proposal and concept, developed independently or in partnership with local artists and cultural organizations (although these partnerships are not a prerequisite)
– Potential for realization of the project within the residency
– Previous experience of the candidate


▪ Preliminary project concepts should be developed at conceptual level, preferably supported with accompanying visual material, and should include relevant research and argumentation. ▪ During the residency, changes or further development of the preliminary concepts with which the participants were approved are allowed.

▪ Each of the applicants for the residency program can apply with more than one preliminary proposal, and there is no limit to the number of preliminary projects. The jury reserves the right to choose a specific project.


▪ Artists are committed to creating new works and their own concepts, as a result of the research done on spot in relation to typical for the city realities;

▪ Applicants are advised to develop in advance liaisons or confirm partnership with local organizations / artists / students from the local art schools in relation to the implementation of their concepts.

▪ Proposed projects should be in accordance with the particularities of the various urban spaces, as well as with their history and modern functions, and meet the present-day requirements for sustainability, safety and conflict-free public environment and urban landscape.

▪ Interventions in public space are to be temporary (up to 3 months).

▪ The commitment for professional and exact video and photo documentation is each artist’s responsibility and should be planned by them, and if relevant also  within the project’s production costs. Documentation of the creative process and the final artworks could  be executed by the artists themselves or commissioned to a third party.

— The Municipality of Plovdiv will be the owner of the right for the usage of the documentation, while the authorship right for all of the artworks produced within the residency belongs to their author artist.

▪ Each of the participants is required to participate in at least one public event within the residency program, in which to present themselves and their work.

▪ The implementation of all creative concepts should be in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation together with the regulations in force on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv. For the implementation of projects and ideas in public space required is the earliest possible preliminary preparation of any candidate – in terms of the conditions of the local legislation, as well as in terms of the possible spaces for execution.


Applications should only be sent to the following email address:

The subject of the email should be: [APPLICATION__NAME OF APPLICANT]

The application email should contain the following attached files:

1. Completed and signed Application Form (sample)*

2. CV / Resume

3. Portfolio

4. Output of the artistic project

5. Visual material (if relevant)

Please include in the body of the email all additional specific information – concerning your stay / project / notification.

Application fee – no.


* Completion and signing of the application form declares agreement with the rules of the residency program and commitment of the approved artists to comply with them. The declaration attached to the form shall be submitted together with the participation form, signed with an electronic signature or on a scanned copy.


The organizers reserve the right to change the deadlines, cancel approved participations or offer alternative conditions for the residencies.

DIALOG CITY – Application for the residency in Turin and Mondoví/Italy 2023


DIALOG CITY ART FOR PUBLIC RESIDENCY PROGRAMME invites professional artists to develop ideas for urban interventions dealing with local or global topics that are of great significance for the respective urban society based on participatory approach.

By developing new practices on how to connect digital innovation directly to citizens’ physical participation, the European cooperation project DIALOG CITY aims at contributing to increase access to culture through a dialogical approach. Co-creation is at the core, encompassing a CITIZEN ARCHIVE PLATFORM for the cultural heritage sector and an innovative design thinking toolkit on FUTURE LITERACY. Annual HYBRID FESTIVALS serve as physical and digital cultural platforms to reach diverse audiences.

Participating European cities are Mondoví (IT) in 2023, Graz (AT) in 2024, Aschaffenburg (DE) and Montpellier (FR) in 2025. The resulting art works of the respective residencies will be shown locally during the annual Hybrid FESTIVAL as well as online. The Call for 2023 is now open for the residency in Italy.

Application due – April 3, 2023
Announcement of final selection – April 30, 2023
Residency start – June 20, 2023
Presentation Hybrid Festival Mondoví – July 20-22, 2023
Residency end – July 24, 2023


The selected artist will be hosted by the Italian cooperation partner CIRKO VERTIGO at Villa Claretta in Grugliasco, Metropolitan City of Turin. Free accommodation in a single room with private bathroom. The Villa offers a public kitchen that can be used but does not have any canteen or food service. Meals are not included.


3.500 € including profound preparation of the residency after the final selection and presentation of the result during the HYBRID FESTIVAL in Mondoví.

Perdiems are included in the fee.


Up to 2.000 €, proposal subject to be reviewed by the internal commission according to the value given in terms of scenography and visibility during the Hybrid Festival. This must be specified in the application.


Will be covered up to the amount of 1.300 €, including return ticket from the origin and local transport Turin to Mondoví.


DIALOG CITY ART FOR PUBLIC RESIDENCY PROGRAMME is open to all artistic disciplines (e.g., visual arts, writing, performance, new media, etc.) and other creative practices including, but not limited to, design, architecture, and education. We strongly encourage applicants with interdisciplinary and participatory / socially engaged art practices.

Education and Training: We do not require any particular level of education or training to apply. Our residency programme is open to emerging, mid-career, and established artists and creative practitioners who have a dedicated studio practice and professional demeanour.

Artists of all nationalities can apply, but they must reside in the European Union or in one of the accession countries.


Application form here

CANTEMIR Programme – the funding programme for cultural projects

The Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI) announces the launch of CANTEMIR Programme*, the funding programme for cultural projects abroad. Under this programme, RCI will grant non-refundable sponsorships for cultural initiatives in the field of visual arts (plastic arts, decorative arts, science/research and architecture, design, new media, photography, performance) and performing arts (theatre, music, dance). The events related to the funded projects shall be organized exclusively abroad (outside Romania).

This year, the budget granted for the selection session under CANTEMIR Programme is RON 2,400,000, equally divided between the two fields – visual arts and performing arts. The maximum amount grantable for a cultural project is RON 100,000.

The cultural operators are invited to submit the grant applications in the interval February 20th– March 21st 2023. Any Romanian or EU-based natural person, individual entity, family enterprise or private or public legal entity can participate to project selection process, provided that such entities are cultural operators, have no debts to the state central or local budget and have complied with their obligations under the previous non-refundable sponsorship contracts. The documents required for registration, included in the Programme Regulation, must be filled in and sent to, in one PDF (max 10MB), by the latest March 21st 2023, 12:00 P.M. (GMT+2).

The projects will be assessed by a selection commission composed of three members, appointed by the Romanian Cultural Institute – two independent evaluators and one representative of the funding institution. The independent evaluators interested to be part of the selection commission can submit their candidature, in the interval February 20th– March 11th 2023, at the same email address,

In order for a cultural program/project to be eligible it must comply with the following conditions: to be implemented in the interval 01.06.2023– 15.10.2023, after concluding the funding contracts; to be implemented in partnership with at least one cultural organization from the country where the project will be implemented; not to benefit from other funding sources granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute (including its representative offices abroad); not to benefit from co-fundings from other Romanian public funds applying minimis aids /state-aids; its target must be the audience living abroad.

CANTEMIR Programme aims for artistic excellence, originality, encouraging the fusion of innovative and experimental artistic forms; the European dimension, the international cooperation / coproductions; the contribution to an improved visibility of Romanian culture and of the interest for the same on the international cultural markets, by facilitating the access to representative Romanian artistic works; attracting the audience by the project artistic/cultural value and relevance; supporting the partnerships of Romanian and foreign cultural operators, on one side, and on the other side the International cultural organizations; highlighting relevant cultural topics, specific for the cultural year 2023. The projects implemented in partnership with RCI are not eligible, as they are covered by other programmes and priorities of RCI.

The granting of non-refundable sponsorships by CANTEMIR Programme is carried out based on selection of cultural offers, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance no. 51 on August 11th 1998 regarding the improvement of the non-refundable sponsorship program for cultural projects, as further amened and completed, and according to the provisions of the regulation set for this programme. The non-refundable sponsorships are granted in RON, by bank transfer, provided that the sponsorship beneficiary has or is able to collect from other sources a minimum of 10% of the project value.

For a cultural operator to be considered partner of the sponsorship beneficiary, it must have its registered office in the country where the project is to be implemented, to participate to the described activities and to sign the partnership declaration. The fee-based products supply or service rendering required by the project cannot be deemed a partnership.

All details on the selection stages, funding method and deadlines for projects submission can be found in the Regulation of Cantemir Programme 2023.

For further information:

Regulation and required documents here

RIDCC: Call for Choreographic Duet Competition (Netherlands)

RIDCC accepts duets ( 2 persons on stage ) with a length of minimum 7 and maximum 12 minutes only. 

Please read the requirements thoroughly to have your entry accepted.

  1. RIDCC is open for all styles!
  2. Choreographers may participate in the competition with a duet piece (a max of two performers on stage) that hasn’t been performed on stage for the first time before March 2019. The duration of the performance can’t be longer than 12 minutes. The applicant is free in choice of subject and music. The piece may be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself.
  3. The video can be a rehearsal video or a performance video. The video can be cut and edited.
  4. Please cut and edit your video to the desired length. This means not sending in duets of more than 13 minutes. 
  5. The application must be filled in online before Saturday 12 March 2023, 23.59 o’clock midnight CET and is only complete with sending an online link with the choreographic work which shall be presented at the festival. Only complete applications which are handed in within the deadline are considered.
  6. There is no entrance fee. A pre-jury, consisting of 5 pre-jury members, will select the choreographers who are invited to participate in the competition. Admission to the competition is subject to the pre-jury consent. The successful choreographers will receive an invitation by phone by 5 April 2023 at the latest. The competitors must confirm acceptance by 10 April 2023. If the competitors do not accept in time, the invitation will expire. Before 22 April 2023 the 16 selected choreographers will be officially announced. 
  7. Competitors are obliged to be available for performances and lighting rehearsals on 21 June 2023 and on the three festival days from 22-24 June 2023. They agree to be available for rehearsals, interviews, recordings, meeting with sponsors and photos free of charge.  They agree for this data to be used for (free) publicity in print or digital (via social media). The lighting day on 21 June is negotiable if you really cannot attend. 
  8. The semi-finals of the competition will take place on Thursday and Friday evening in Theater Rotterdam. The final will be held on Saturday evening in Theater Rotterdam. The decision of the jury concerning the nomination for the final will be announced on Friday evening. The finalists will again present their piece on Saturday. All participants will stay until the end of the festival, as semi finalists can still win a Partner Award.
  9. The decision of the jury is final. If a competitor is a student or company member of one of the jurors, the particular juror will withhold his vote.
  10. The participants will be accommodated at a Hotel in a double room, there is a possibility that you have to share the room with another participant. The organizer takes care of the hotel costs (incl. breakfast) and pays a subsidy of max. 250 euro towards the travel expenses per person for all participants (for dancers and choreographers, not for assistants or managers). 
  11. Technical data – Semi-final and Final – Main stage at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg. black dance floor; black curtain, backdrop and wings black. Please use as few props and decor as possible and bring the music on a USB stick.
  12. When using props and decor. You are responsible for bringing and taking care of your own props and decor. As RIDCC we try to help and fulfill your wishes. 
  13. The Partner Awards will be handed out by and chosen by the director of each company. The aim is to give away each Partner Award to the choreographer they choose and find suitable for their company. If they do not find a match for their company then it is not guaranteed that the Partner Awards will be given away.
  14. The jury will choose the finalists and the winner of the XL Production Award. 
  15. The Partner Awards and the XL Production Award will be given away at the festive award ceremony on Saturday 24 June 2023. All participants must attend this ceremony as finalists and semi finalists can receive a Partner Award.
  16. The content of the website can be changed at any time.
  17. Music licensing will be organised by the participants.
  18. RIDCC finds it important that, in addition to the competition, the choreographers are assisted in their development as choreographer, maker and as human beings. Therefore RIDCC offers various peripheral programming. RIDCC appreciates that the workshops are attended.
  19. COVID-19: If the corona measures are still in effect by RIDCC 2023, there is a chance that RIDCC 2023 will become a digital edition. The selected participants will be informed of this decision and conditions by the 22th of April 2023.
  20. All purchased flights must be booked with cancellation insurance.

The XL Production Award winner(s) agree(s) with : 

The XL production award is a full-fledged production by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam with the guarantee of an independent process and a tour of approximately 30 performances. The largest production prize in the Netherlands that does justice to the unique collection of RIDCC choreographers. The XL Production Award is a co-production between RIDCC and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

1.You are obliged to submit a short projectplan and target planning for the XL production, towards RIDCC at within 2 months after the fifth edition of RIDCC (before 30-08-2023).

2.The main prize from a value of a € 100.000 will not be paid in cash, but will be managed by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and RIDCC in consultation with the winners. The prize will give the winners the opportunity to create a choreography-production in the Netherlands at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

3.Scapino Ballet Rotterdam follows Dutch law and the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance. The choreographer will receive a fair remuneration calculated by the Dutch law and the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and RIDCC have the last say when it comes to rewarding and paying expenses and fees related to the production and entering into other obligations with (financial) consequences.

4.The XL Production Award is meant to stimulate the Dutch dance field in an international context. Therefore the production will take place at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The choreographers can collaborate with top international dancers, which benefits the quality of their work and benefits from the network that Scapino and RIDCC have. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam gives the full artistic freedom to an independent jury to choose a winner. RIDCC deploys its own dramaturge to closely monitor and guide the process. Ed Wubbe artistic director of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam ensures an autonomous artistic process for the choreographer. RIDCC assures the winners of a festive and grand premiere, to which we invite the dance field, the press with appropriate marketing attention.

5.‘Target planning of the XL Production Award: The planning of rehearsal period and montage periode will be decided in consultation with Scapino ballet Rotterdam.

6.The XL Production Award prize winner is supposed to work by appropriate social values during the creation proces and on stage; an emotionally safe working environment, freedom of expression, equality, respect and honesty are the standards. Next to that a good workplace culture is very appreciated.

7.The XL Production Award prize winner will be bound by technical provisions and possibilities that will be determined and shared before the creation process by the direction of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Registration here

Producers on the move – Cannes 2023

S-au deschis înscrierile pentru Producers on the move, programul dedicat producătorilor de film și dezvoltat de European Film Promotion în cadrul Festivalului de Film de la Cannes.

Dacă ești producător de film și ai avut până în prezent cel puțin o coproducție internațională (lungmetraj/ documentar/ serial/ film VR) lansat în cinematografe sau pe platformele VoD, te poți înscrie aici până pe 1 martie.În cadrul programului vor fi selectați 20 de producători europeni, care avea ocazia să participe la sesiuni de pitching și workshopuri despre oportunitățile de finanțare internaționale, distribuția de film, mecanismele din spatele unei coproducții, noi modele de business și tendințele în industrieCa reprezentant al României în cadrul European Film Promotion, ADFR va propune pentru ediția din 2023 un producător român, ținând cont de criteriile de eligibilitate ale programului.Succes tuturor!

Casting – serial turcesc

Se cauta actori profesionisti & Studenți actorie vorbitori de limba turca, pentru roluri secundare, aparitii episodice. CONDIȚIE OBLIGATORIE: Cunoașterea limbii turce la un nivel avansat sau, ideal, nativ.

Acest anunț este dedicat EXCLUSIV actorilor profesioniști si studentilor la actorie.

Roluri: Mai multe roluri într-un serial turcesc cu filmare în România, conform cu scenariul. Distribuția pe roluri va fi făcută de directorul de casting, conform cu fișa fiecărui personaj.

Filmari: Filmările vor avea loc în București, împrejurimi, dar și în diverse alte locații din țară în perioada Martie – Mai 2023

Persoanele ineteresate sunt rugate sa aplice aici


CONCEPT no. 1 /2023

Mediating intimacy and body politics


  • 6 February 2023 call for papers
  • 1 April 2023 deadline for articles
  • April-May 2023 peer review
  • June 2023 publication date

The first issue in 2023 of the CONCEPT academic journal focuses on the theme Mediating intimacy and body politics. Following the I AM ANOTHER YOU – A CONFERENCE ON THE BODY. Mediating intimacy and body politics that was organized in December 2022 at the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, together with the MANEKINO Cultural Association and KAJET Journal, our university sets out to dedicate an entire issue of its academic journal to the theme of intimacy, body politics, corporeality, art research and mediation, as well as the 59th International Art Exhibition that ran throughout 2022, in Venice.

The current issue of the CONCEPT academic journal sets out to continue the explorations begun during the conference and further delve into reflections regarding transdisciplinary artistic research in the context of current conversations in the international academic and artistic environment, about the pressing issues of body politics.Articles and contributions are welcome on the topics above, following the suggested guidelines below.


  • Abstract: maximum 200 words in English; minimum 150
  • Keywords: 5-7 words (phrases) in English •
  • Article: 3000 – 6000 words
  • Accepted languages: Romanian, English, French, Spanish
  • Citation and reference style: HARVARD (
  • Article structure: Introduction (objectives, hypothesis); Research Methods; Results; Conclusions; Bibliography // (References, Online References, Filmography, Performance References).
  • Illustrations: Maximum 3-5: photographs, drawings, diagrams, charts – with explanations included in the Word documents and separately as a .jpg file.
  • Autor(s) biography: maximum 200 words


We accept articles that have not been published in other scientific journals, in the following fields: performing arts, film and media, music, visual arts, philosophy, philology, cultural studies, as well as from other interdisciplinary, related fields of research, which could be of interest for contemporary culture.

CONCEPT is a biannual open access academic publication, published by the “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theater and Cinematography, in circulation since 2010. CONCEPT uses a double-blind peer-review system, is C-classified by the Romanian National Council for Scientific Research and is indexed in several databases: CEEOL, SCIPIO, EBSCO.

Editor video

Caut editor video, minim 17 ani.

  • -Locuiești în București ?
  • Lucrezi in Adobe Premier și Final Cut (de preferat în ambele) ?
  • Ai cunoștințe de limba engleză nivel mediu ?
  • Îți dorești un program flexibil și o echipă mișto ? (poți lucra si remote)
  • Ai un portofoliu ?

Dacă te regăsesești în text-ul de mai sus așteptăm un email la adresa:

Te așteptăm la noi în echipă!

Casting – Teatrul Dramaturgilor Români

Teatrul Dramaturgilor Români anunță organizarea unui casting pentru un nou spectacol în regia lui Alexander Hausvater.


  • Trei actrițe: 45-50 de ani, 30-35 de ani, 20-25 de ani
  • Doi actori: 45-50 de ani, 30-35 de ani

Cerințe specifice: disponibilitate în perioada februarie-martie; aptitudini muzicale și coregrafice.

Etapa 1: Cei interesați sunt rugați să trimită un CV și 3-4 fotografii recente pe adresa de e-mail, până la data de 11 februarie 2023. Actorii selectați pentru etapa a doua vor fi anunțați în data de 13 februarie 2023.

Etapa 2: În datele de 14 și 15 februarie 2023, la Teatrul Dramaturgilor Români, va avea loc cea de-a doua probă. Detaliile despre programare vor fi transmise pe e-mail tuturor celor selectați. Candidații sunt rugați să pregătească un moment artistic (text, muzică și dans) cu durată maximă de 3 minute.

Informații și detalii: / 0756 021 105.

Open call – Asistent proiect

Internship plătit

Căutăm un/o asistent/ă pentru rezidența de creație audio-vizuală din cadrul proiectului ECHO III – For Memory’s Sake, un proiect care presupune dezvoltarea unor video-poeme pe tema practicilor maritale din Balcani.

*** Ai carnet de conducere și mașină?

*** Te pasionează mediul cinematografic și artele vizuale?

*** Vrei să lucrezi într-un proiect internațional timp de trei săptămâni (în perioada 28 februarie – 14 martie), în București?

*** Îți dorești să câștigi experiență în producția de film și să ai acces la o rețea de suport artistic?

ATUNCI APLICĂ AICI! Oferim 2500 de lei brut și mâncare pe durata rezidenței.

Căutăm pe cineva care să ne ajute cu transportul echipamentelor, recuzitei și participantelor, care să fie disponibilx pentru a fi prezentx în cadrul evenimentelor desfășurate la Scena9 și care să fie disponibilx să facă drumuri prin oraș. Ar fi grozav dacă această persoană vorbește limba engleză și are abilități organizatorice și de comunicare, precum și capacitate de lucru în condiții de stres.

Deadline pentru aplicație: 11 februarie 2023

Casting – rol secundar reclamă

Se cauta barbat cu varsta intre 24-45 ani care va juca un rol secundar intr-o campanie online ce se va difuza worldwide. Nu se cauta o tipologie anume.

Vei fi personaj secundar si vei avea o aparitie intr-o scena alaturi de un personaj feminin care vine din strainatate.

Filmari: Vei avea 1-2 zile de shooting in perioada 20-26.02.2023

Buget: 2300 lei/zi filmare sau sedinta foto cu drepturi de difuzare incluse in acest tarif (1an, worldwide, All Media Online)

Persoanele interesate sunt rugate să aplice aici

Casting call – Fotograf

Se caută bărbați 20-40 ani, carismatici și energici, fotografi profesioniști sau pasionați de fotografie, pentru un rol de figurație specială. Talentul ales va trebui să își folosească propriul aparat pentru a juca rolul unui fotograf de evenimente în cadrul reclamei TV.

Ne intereseaza un joc cat mai plauzibil, de aceea cautăm persoane care știu să mânuiască aparatul de fotografiat. FĂRĂ REPLICI. Experiența anterioară nu este obligatorie.

FILMĂRI: Filmările vor avea loc în București pe 8, 9 și 10 februarie (3 zile de filmare).

Persoanele interesate sunt rugate să se înscrie aici

Buget: 900 EUR / 3 zile de filmare

The Fulbright Alumni Institutional Development Grant

The Fulbright Alumni Institutional Development Grant is intended to facilitate the development of partnerships and joint projects between Romanian and U.S. institutions by building upon the academic and professional networks created by Fulbright Alumni during their grants in the United States.

Romanian Fulbright Visiting Scholar Alumni can apply for up to $10,000 towards implementing a project in their home institution that continues the collaboration with their U.S. counterparts, this time replicated and diversified at an institutional level. As a follow-up to their Fulbright teaching/research award in the United States, this development grant enables alumni to demonstrate initiative and leadership, to further develop their professional connections with their U.S. colleagues, and to enhance their role as change agents for the internationalization of higher education in their home academic environment.

The aim of the grant is to support the design and implementation of alumni initiatives and activities which achieve short and long term objectives of ongoing institutional collaboration between Romania and the United States.

Eligibility information
  • Applicants must have Romanian citizenship and be alumni of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program;
  • Alumni who are U.S. citizens may not submit proposals, but are strongly encouraged to participate as project partners;
  • Applications must be submitted by alumni who live and work in Romania at the time of application and project implementation;
  • Applicants must have the support of their Romanian university/institution for implementing the proposed project.
Application process

Eligible applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Budget form (including guidelines)
  • Letter of support provided by the applicant’s home university/institution. The letter should be signed by the legal representative of the university/institution to confirm institutional support for the implementation of the proposed project.

The complete application package must be sent to no later than March 30, 2023.

Call pentru tinere artiste

Ești studentă sau proaspăt absolventă și vrei să îți faci cunoscută arta?
Fie că este vorba despre scenografie, actorie, regie, scriere, coregrafie, muzică, film sau orice tip de artă vizuală, căutăm tinere artiste care caută să se lanseze. 
Vei avea șansa să-ți prezinți lucrările într-o expoziție colectivă pe 28 martie, pe str. Maria Rosetti 21, București.
Trimite-ne un portofoliu/ CV și o scurtă prezentare și, în funcție de ce tip de artă vrei să expui, lucrarea ta.
Conceptul/tema expoziției: The sixth sense belongs to women.

„The Sixth Sense Belongs to Women” este un concept care pune accent pe conexiunea pe care o are artistul  cu propria creativitate, feminitate și intuiție. 
Imaginează-ți o lume lipsită de prejudecăți. În lipsa lor, ce ai crea? Cum contribuie intuiția la procesul tău artistic? Uită de limitele impuse fie de tine, fie de cei din jurul tău și lasă-ți intuiția să te ghideze atunci când lucrezi.
Call-ul este destinat tinerelor artiste, cu vârsta până în 25 de ani.
Pentru mai multe detalii: 0721089178.
Trimite materialele pe (termen limită: 10 martie)


An under 30 Open Call for Italian, Central-European and Balkan projects of theatre, music, dance and multidisciplinary/circus, examined by a group of curators under 30.

Where: Cividale del Friuli e Nova Gorica, Slovenia

When: from 15/12/2022 to 15/02/2023

Deadline for applications: 15/02/2023

An under 30 Open Call for Italian, Central-European and Balkan projects of theatre, music, dance and multidisciplinary/circus, examined by a group of curators under30 who will select 9 projects to be showcased from 18 to 21 May in Cividale del Friuli and Nova Gorica. Shows selected for mittelyoung can be financially supported up to €4,000. The 3 best shows will be re-scheduled during mittelfest inevitable 21/30 July 2023.
The projects must be in line with the theme 2023: inevitabile (inevitable).
27 countries are involved: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine.
A performance in the music category may also be selected by the Carinthischer Sommer Music Festival, as part of the collaboration between mittelyoung and CS under30.

How to apply:
Find out all the Criteria here
Applications must be submitted by 15 February 2023 at 3pm to the following e-mail address:

For further information, please visit

Casting Teatrul Național de Operetă şi Musical “Ion Dacian”

Prelungim perioada de înscrieri pentru casting până la data de 3 februarie 2023

Teatrul Național de Operetă și Musical ,,Ion Dacian” organizează luni, 6 februarie 2023, ora 11.00, Sala Mihaela Atanasiu

Casting balet pentru balerini în vederea colaborării pentru stagiunea 2022 – 2023.

Dosarul candidaților va conține:

• Curriculum Vitae al candidatului – format european

• Un set de fotografii reprezentative pentru activitatea artistică a candidatului

• Un scurt video cu un moment coregrafic clasic/ contemporan susținut de candidat (max 3 min).

Înscrierea la Casting se va realiza printr-un e-mail la adresa, care să conțină toate informațiile solicitate.

Detalii telefon: (0721) 091 839 sau (0723) 404 156

*Vârsta minimă 18 ani.

*Candidații admiși pentru audiții vor primi confirmarea pe e-mail, alături de toate informațiile necesare în vederea participării la cea de a doua etapă.

Internship Print Trafic

Entry level

Căutăm un student sau un tânăr absolvent, bun cunoscător al limbii engleze, pentru un internship plătit în departamentul Print Trafic. Departamentul Print Trafic este departamentul care ține legătura cu producătorii și distribuitorii de filme, obține drepturi de difuzare, încheie contracte și arhivează materiale.

Vei redacta contracte (după model, cunoștințele juridice ajută), vei ține legătura cu departamentul financiar pentru plăți și documente.

Perioadă: iulie – septembrie 2023

Cu posibilitatea de prelungire pe perioadă nedeterminată.

Disponibilitate: București

CV-uri și extra detalii la

Internship Project Management

Entry level

O lună în perioada februarie – octombrie 2023, cu posibilitate de prelungire;


Premiile Gopo – aprilie 2023

Caravana TIFF – iulie 2023

Sunscreen – august 2023

TIFF Oradea – octombrie 2023

Noaptea Albă a Filmului Romanesc – septembrie 2023

Căutăm studenți sau tineri absolvenți care să lucreze îndeaproape cu managerii proiectelor Asociației Pentru Promovarea Filmului Românesc: Premiile Gopo, Caravana TIFF, TIFF Oradea, Noaptea Albă a Filmului Românesc.

Vei participa la organizarea unui eveniment cultural de amploare și vei învăța care sunt etapele de lucru într-o astfel de inițiativă – de la partea birocratică până la implementare și raportare.

Disponibilitate: București

Internship-ul este plătit.

CV-uri și extra detalii la

Asistent tehnic proiecție filme

Asistent tehnic proiecție filme @ TIFF & TIFF Satelites Events

Entry level

Perioadă: martie – iunie / posibilitate de prelungire până în noiembrie 2023


  • Cunoștințe minime de Premiere Pro sau alternative (Linux, Subtitle edit, DaVinci resolve, EasyDCP)
  • Extra points: instalare și operare proiectoare și/sau sisteme de sunet

Mai multe detalii: 0755 210 748 / Vlad Plăiașu

Voluntariat – jurnalism cultural online

AGODRAMA caută voluntari pasionați de TEATRUE şi de FEELM, dornici să promoveze arta în mediul online.

Activitatea de voluntariat înseamnă să-ți dedici între 5 şi 10 ore săptămânal, de luni până vineri, pentru jurnalism cultural online, respectiv:

– să cauți ştiri despre teatru şi film din România (cursuri, festivaluri, anunțuri, filme, joburi etc.) – îți vom pune la dispoziție toate sursele noastre de informare;
– să preiei ştirile şi să le postezi pe site-ul nostru şi pe platformele noastre de socializare (dacă ai cunoştințe de WordPress, super! Dacă nu, no worries, e foarte simplu şi te învățăm noi);
– ai posibilitatea să postezi pe site creațiile tale: recenzii, opinii despre lumea teatrului şi a filmului, dramaturgie, ilustrații etc. De asemenea, în curând vom avea şi content video, deci dacă îți place să (te) filmezi, te vei putea promova pe canalele noastre de social media;
– să ții legătura şi să te consulți cu redactorul-şef înainte să postezi pe site şi pe social media.

Toată activitatea de voluntariat se desfăşoară remote, deci vei avea nevoie de un laptop/PC şi conexiune la internet.

De asemenea, îți oferim diplomă de voluntariat după două luni de activitate şi, dacă doreşti, vei putea colabora cu noi pe termen nelimitat.

Trimite un mesaj la în care să ne spui câteva cuvinte despre tine și noi te vom contacta în cel mai scurt timp posibil 🙂