Call for entries for urban short films

ARCHIBA is an international short film festival that looks to explore the emotional architecture of fourth-dimensional space by charting the infinite social, cultural, and historical geographies of the modern metropolis as they appear within the minds of the artists who inhabit them.

This new and innovative project focuses on the relationship between the individual and their environment, offering emerging and established filmmakers alike the opportunity to reflect upon how the diverse landscapes of contemporary urban life inform the collective conscious of humanity as a whole.

There are as many opportunities for experimentation in format as there are in terms of story when submitting to ARCHIBA. So whether a participant’s interests lie in narrative filmmaking, documentary, music-videos, performance art, or screendance, we encourage a bold and innovative approach when relaying one’s impressions on a theme.

What was conceived as a means of connecting a diverse range of urban thinkers, artists, communities, ARCHIBA’s multinational and multicultural programme of content will be screened at various international cultural venues, in cities such as Buenos Aires, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, and Istanbul.

Suggested topics for submissions include; the relationship between the urban and the ecological; the city in response to coronavirus; portraits and landscapes of architectural space; cultural diversity in the early twenty-first century; the future of self-sustainable development; and the poliitical realities of life in working communities.

The festival is divided into four major categories:

Urban Habitat

Short fiction and documentary films that illustrate the relationship between cities and their inhabitants; their changing rhythms and rhythms; their motivations and movements.

Dance Films

Dance and video performances that emphasise the relationship of bodies with architectural or urban space.


Films that make use of experimental audiovisual languages to explore space and its relationship with its subjects.

Music Videos

A filmed performance, narrative story, or montage that employs music as a means of illuminating architectural or urban space.

Send your short film here to be screened at our live events in Buenos Aires and the rest of the world.

Costs for participants: 5 USD

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